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21. Traffic Fines in Northern Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
Northern Cyprus traffic is very similar to United Kingdom. You drive on the left side of the road and steering wheel is on the right side of the car. This system is valid since from the British colonial ...
22. North Cyprus Traffic Rules
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... rental cars. It will me much easy to adapt the traffic. All rental cars in Northern Cyprus are right hand drive. The reason for this is because the traffic flows from left lane. If you need to ...
23. Driving in Northern Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
...  Rental car can only be driven by the people whose names are on the "Car Rental Contract". Otherwise, you will not be covered by insurance. In Northern Cyprus, rental cars alcohol limit is ZERO (0), ...
24. How to visit Northern Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... region. Transfers are made by Mercedes vito with our professional driver. The driver will asist you with the necessary documents at the check point before you arrive. You can fly to Larnaca from the ...
25. Famagusta
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... by a large wide moat that you can actually drive along today. The hungry and disease-ridden Venetians eventually surrendered, by waving a flag from the Ravelin, or White Tower, one of two entrances ...
CAR HIRE Minimum car rental period is 3 days, with unlimited mileage. Our rental cars can only be driven in North Cyprus borders due to government rules and regulations. Road map of North Cyprus will ...
27. Car Rental Rates
(Rates & Reservations/Rates & Reservations)
... delivery and collection. * Please note that our cars can only be driven in North Cyprus. You can not take the car to South Cyprus.  ...
... Island Large Car Hire Fleet Airport Transfers Online Car Rental Reservation Trip Rent a car, will give you the freedom to drive your car rental unlimited mileage to explore the beautiful island of ...
... You will need your passport to cross the border. The border crossings are open 24 hours a day. You cannot take a North Cyprus hire car to the south part of the border. The hire cars can only be driven ...
There are two options for driving from Ercan Airport to Kyrenia. The distances are more or less same. It depends on which region of Kyrenia you want to drive. If you going to stay in Eastern side of Kyrenia ...
31. Flights to North Cyprus
(About Us/About Us)
... but you don't need to change planes or move from your seat. Once at Ercan Airport, you are just a short taxi transfer or hire car drive from your hotel or rental villa.  ...
32. Night Life in North Cyprus
(About Us/About Us)
... remember to not to drink and drive.   Eat at one of the many North Cyprus restaurants whether you wish to have local meze, fresh fish, European food, Chineese or Indian food. Do not forget to taste ...
33. Larnaca Famagusta Transfers
(About Us/About Us)
If your flight is landing to Larnaca Airport and planning to stay in North Cyprus, we can send our premium taxi service to meet you at arrivals gate at Larnaca Airport and drive you to North Cyprus  to ...
34. Accessing Internet in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... to pay for a internet connection find a hotel that offers free wifi, take your laptop with you when you drive there in your North Cyprus hire car to there, and sit and browse while having a coffee in the ...
35. Petrol
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... get your tank ful lif you decide to drive Karpaz peninsula.  ...
36. Flying to Larnaca and staying in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
If you plan to fly Larnaca Airport, we have transfer services from Larnaca Airport to North Cyprus. Then you can get your car hire in North Cyprus. Our cars can only be driven in North Cyprus Borders. ...
37. North Cyprus Driving
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... North Cyprus.   Visitors in North Cyprus can drive using a valid international driving license or a valid aboard will need to purchase insurance upon entry into Northern Cyprus. Most petrol  stations ...
38. Speed Cameras
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
Recently speed cameras have arrived in North Cyprus so please watch your speed while you are driving. Do not let anyone to drive your car if they are not added as a driver on the insurance certificate. ...
39. Northern Cyprus Cities
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... breach the walls, defended by a large wide moat that you can actually drive along today. The hungry and disease-ridden Venetians eventually surrendered, by waving a flag from the Ravelin, or White ...
40. Transportation and Driving
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
The newly refurbished Ercan Airport, (pronounced airjan), situated approx 25 minutes drive from Kyrenia, handles the bulk of the tourist traffic, whilst Gecitkale serves as a back-up airport. Daily flights ...
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