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41. Northern Cyprus Cities
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... souvenir. Suddenly you emerge into the sunlight of the main square, so stop and have a real Turkish coffee at a café and admire the impressive former St Nicholas Cathedral, now a mosque. Walk towards the ...
42. Cyprus History
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). No country except for Turkey has recognised this 'state'. Peace talks have been held sporadically, but Cyprus remains divided. The United Nations has been scaling down its presence ...
43. Natural Life
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... two main reasons for this amazing diversity are, firstly, that Cyprus was not affected by the last ice-age (which wiped out many species from areas further north)...  ...
44. Historical Places
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... finds of the island`s Antiquity are displayed in the Cyprus Museum which now remains on the south of the border, however, many interesting examples and some new finds can be found in the local museums ...
45. Entertainment in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
...      Casinos North Cyprus has a lot of opportunities for those who can't imagine a vacation without emotional risk-taking. Casinos are situated in all the main ...
46. Transportation and Driving
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... from many mainland Turkish cities, as well as flights from Europe, supply the majority of the visitors to the island...     Transport The newly refurbished Ercan Airport, ...
47. Cypriot Cuisine
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... meats, vegetable, and fish dishes. It is taken either as an appetizer or a main course. Among some interesting dishes that can be found in Cyprus belongs kolokas , a root ...
48. Conditions to Rent-a-car
(Customer Care/Customer Care)
... to ask for refund for remaining days. EXTENSION OF RENTAL If the renter wish to extend the days of rental car, Trip Rent A Car customer service should be informed at least 24 hours before the ending ...
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