Yeni İskele is located on the way to FamagustaKarpaz Peninsula. The Greek name of the village is Trikomo. The name Yeni Iskele is a reminder of the relocation of Turk Cypriots from the Turkish district Iskele in the city of Larnaca on the island’s south coast.

Iskele is an important tourist centre where green meets blue on a 25-km-long coastline. The people of Iskele are hospitable folks, very interested in culture and art-related social activities. The Bogaz region of Iskele, which is known as an entertainment centre, is full of 5 star hotels and fish restaurants and one of the best beaches of North Cyprus. There are also variety of construction companies that sell villas and flats around İskele region which is very popular. In the small harbour of Bogaz, the fishing boats and others offer our visitors cruises along the eastern coast of North Cyprus. In the municipal park of Iskele, locals and tourists stay up until the break of dawn singing live music, enjoying the sweet times past in North Cyprus.

Iskele region is also famous for its icon museums and ancient churches. The ‘Cyprus Endemic Plats information Centre’, the turtle nesting beaches under protection of Long Beach Tourism, the Iskele Festival on beginning of July are wonderful attractions of Iskele.

Places to visit in Iskele

• Aphendrika

• Apostolos Andreas Monastery

• Aya Trias Bazilica

• Ayios Philon Church

• Icon Museum of Iskele

• Kantara Castle