Petrol Prices in Northern Cyprus

benzin-istasyonPetrol prices are cheaper than Turkey and many other european countries. In North Cyprus rental cars are operated with 95 octane petrol, 97 octane petrol and euro diesel. In Northern Cyprus there is no vehicle running with LPG. At the same time, there is no LPG for sale.

Dated 24.10.2018 gasoline and diesel prices.

Liter gasoline (95 octane): 5.81 Turkish Lira

Liter gasoline (97 octane): 6.01 Turkish Lira

Euro Diesel Liter: 5.76 Turkish Lira

When comparing with European Countries, petrol prices are resonable. That means you can enjoy the Northern Part Of Cyprus more cheaper.

Note: Prices may not be updates due to instant increase and decline in the petrol prices.