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... City then you can prefer the road that goes over the mountains and brings you directly to the east side of Kyrenia. This way can be preferred for those who will stay in Arapköy, Esentepe, Tatlısu or Catalkoy. ...
22. Accessing Internet in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... hotel lobby. No one asks you why you are there. Some of the main internet providers in North Cyprus are, Extend Broadband and Nethouse Networks who have offices in all major towns.  ...
23. North Cyprus Driving
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... are infrequent, and are not operate after 05.00 pm. The conditions of the road goes better every year. The roads between major towns and villages are good in most part, but a few mountain and village roads ...
24. Useful Information in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... might use your card abroad, you will need to inform your bank before going on holiday, to make sure there are no block's put on your card. Travellers cheques and Scottish banknotes are not widely accepted ...
25. General Information
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... the left. International road and traffic signs are used. Maximum traveling speed is 100 km/h. Electric Current Voltage Power is supplied at 240 volts and wall fittings ...
26. Historical Places
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
...  Soli:A lovely road, along the coast, takes you to the discovery of the antique city of Soli with beautiful mosaics and a theatre. The famous statue of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of ...
27. Transportation and Driving
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... licence: a 3 year or 5 year licence may be bought. A test may be taken locally to obtain a first ever driving licence.   Traffic As in the UK traffic circulation is on the left. Road signs are international. ...
28. Cypriot Cuisine
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
...  Tarhana soup Rice soup Noodle soup Vegetable soup Humus soup Paça soup Chicken broth soup Noddle lentil soup Humus Cacik Tahin Pickles Potato salad Samarella Lettuce salad Broad bean ...
29. Banks & Currency
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... if you have a UK Premier account then with no cost either). Other cash machines on the road to the west of Girne. Cash transfers to bank can be done via Internet banking service so that this can save on ...
30. Conditions to Rent-a-car
(Customer Care/Customer Care)
CAR HİRE Minimum car rental period is 3 days, with unlimited mileage. Our rental cars can only be driven in North Cyprus borders due to government rules and regulations. Road map of North Cyprus will ...
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