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Kyrenia Beaches

Beaches on the East side of Kyrenia

Acapulco Beach

Cyprus is a popular holiday resort in Acapulco hotel and serves as. In addition, the long and sandy beach of Kyrenia is. Hotel guests as well as locals can use the Acapulco beach for a fee.

Acapulco Beach, 9 km east of Kyrenia, North Cyprus side. Acapulco beach offers many water sports facilities. Windsurfing is very popular beach in Acapulco. In addition, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, sports facilities are also available. Again, a unique restaurant serves the public all day long. It is also quite a large outdoor pool and aqua park fee-paying clients can use to enter the beach.
Vogue Beach

Beach is located 3 km east of Acapulco. Peaceful, and offers all the facilities in a relaxed atmosphere. Generally preferred by the locals beach.

Cornaro Beach

However, in the Kyrenia area is one of the popular beaches. Reaching the eastern side of Kyrenia, Acapulco Hotel is located 1 km from behind. Refurbished is a beach and all water sports facilities, and a restaurant serving throughout the day and offers a beach bar. Quite crowded in the summer with a beach. Also known as Çatalköy Beach. Çatalköy the name of the region where this beach. Quite a popular venue for a weekend.

Alagadi Beach

There are 10 miles east of Kyrenia. Only a small cafe located on a quiet beach. This is not the name of preserving the tranquility of a social activity performed. Generally preferred by the locals is a beach. Expectation of the holidays, sea, sand, sun, and is an ideal choice for those who are the sounds of waves. In addition, the "Turtle Project" caretta caretta hosts, and (sea turtle) is a special area of ​​spawning. 20:00 behalf not to disturb the turtles at the beach closed to visitors who are given detailed information about these cute animals.

Beaches on the western side of Kyrenia

Escape Beach

5 km from Kyrenia city center, is located on the west side of North Cyprus is one of the most luxurious and most popular beaches. Removing the beach is also known as Yavuz. This is the entry for a fee, to the satisfaction of visitors coming from the beach, everything is thought out. If you've come by car parking is available, just behind the beach restaurant to satisfy your hunger can fill your stomach, or on the lawn puflarda, if you want to sunbathe on the sun loungers. Thanks to a small islet just off the beach waves on the beach the sea is always calm and sheets are protected. Escape beach with fine golden sand and clean water is the perfect spot for sunbathing. , Including scuba diving, Jet Ski, banana, sea parachute, including boats and there are different types of water sports. Domestic and foreign tourists beaches next to one of the most preferred by the people.
Mermaid Beach

Mermaid in a hotel about 10 miles west of Kyrenia is paid at the same time open to the public beach. Put the moon is on the beach and a lot of this is not affected by the wind. For this reason, the sea is often wavy. Mermaid beach activities, windsurfing, parachute jumping, water skiing and inflatable boats are for small children. At the beach bar and restaurant serves.

Camelot Beach

Camelot Beach, Alsancak near Kyrenia is in the ancient city of Lambousa. With the U-shaped pieces of land that serves as a breakwater in the bay, quiet falls to you to enjoy crystal-clear sea. Discover the richness of the underwater deep beneath the rocky, motorized water sports, bungee-trampoline, you can make a large sunbathing lying on the beach şezlonglarınıza. In addition, the bay Meals can be enjoyed in an elegant restaurant.

Famagusta beaches

Northern Cyprus, Famagusta, across miles of sandy beaches are famous for a long time. Some of the beaches, the owner of North Cyprus Hotels and entry fee is charged.

Palm Beach

Pupil east coast of Northern Cyprus, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Hotel, Famagusta city center of the arc of a sandy beach. Northern Cyprus, untouched bays, municipal beaches, private beaches and hotels for a fee, beaches, everyone can benefit entered. Palm Beach is a sandy beach very popular at the location. One side of the doors are closed to visitors from the time of the war, abandoned the dead zone, the other side of the crowd in the center of the Famagusta Gazi, vitality and fun. Between these two opposing views of "war" of the ruins and the "peace" while watching the bounties of up to 15-mile length of untouched beauty, with golden sandy beach and goddesses, kings, queens, which has been home to Palm Beach. By all accounts, this time the king-queens of sandy beaches, the riches and the Syrian desert meşhurlarını been specially treated him and the sands of the beach.

Bediz Beach

Bediz Beach, on the road going towards Salamis Famagusta. There is also a large picnic area next to the beach. After a family picnic locals usually prefer to spend the remaining time on the beach is this. Also very close to the ruins of Salamis. The beach is long and sandy beach.

Kocareis Beach

Salamis Bay Hotel is located right next to the famous Gazi Magosa. People in the region is one of the most preferred beaches. Kocareis bungalowlarla also hosted a small holiday village and serves domestic and international tabulated. The beach also has its own restaurant and shower cubicles. Jet ski, pedalo, water sports such as wind surf is provided.

Beach in Long Beach

This beach with Salamis Famagusta Hotel is located in the gorge. Famagusta is one of the long and sandy beaches. Not a lot of activity on the beach. Expectation of the holidays, sea, sand, sun, and is an ideal choice for those who are the sounds of waves. There is a small restaurant and its own beach bar. However, the beach preferred by the people of the region.

Strait of Famagusta

Famagusta Famagusta Karpaz 25km, which connects the throat passage. especially within the Strait of Famagusta is famous for its fish restaurants. A fishing harbor, the hotel and the hotel's accommodation in one of the thin sand and there is a small beach with crystal clear sea. Enjoy this beautiful sea after driving in Cyprus, which serves the best seafood in this beautiful fish restaurants where you can treat yourself to a delicious.

Glapsides Beach

East of Northern Cyprus, Famagusta Famagusta-Karpaz on the highway to the north, and a long sandy beach. Underwater sports lover, this beautiful beach is a favorite of people, exclusive offers visitors opportunities to discover the mystery of the underwater world. This beach is very close to the Eastern Mediterranean University, college students also indispensable. Benefit from the camping area around the beach in the morning, fish in the deep blue sea with the sun arising from the hunt, golden sands game of beach volleyball.

Karpaz beaches

Golden Beach

This is the way to go to the beach at Cape Victory Dipkarpaz which ones you must be very careful on your way. Signs pointing to a small sandy beach, articles good can not be selected, not so easy to transport and infrastructure, for reasons perhaps not the best but it is still the most beautiful beach of the island of Cyprus to protect hands değmemişliğini.

Mitolojidde bilinenAfrodit'in as the goddess of love and beauty, one spring morning, the sea is calm and the fluctuation of multiple köpüklenmesi stepped ashore on a shell with the place. Goddesses that swims in the sea, the beaches güneşlendikleri the same pleasures, saying that you feel like a goddess.

There is no building on the beach outside of these two board. The bosom of nature and all the beauty nature has to offer Golden Beach is a must-see for a chance to benefit from my place.

Yesilirmak Beach

Issuing an invitation to those who seek the peace of the green bay with the name. Entered the Guinness World Records book, the "Cyprus's largest vine", including that of the little bay, blue, and green beauty of the peace, tranquility offers its guests.

Karpaz Beach

Karpas, Cyprus donkeys, famous for turtle nesting areas, and is a place with many historical sites. Karpas adorned with rich vegetation and a variety of flowers, the night on the beach for those who want to stay in the bungalow style homes or hotels choices.


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