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Scuba Diving in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is fascinating and unique underwater world, for those who want to dive in Cyprus with numerous diving spots and professional experts in the sport of diving in North Cyprus is a paradise for those interested in. From end to end along the east coast of Northern Cyprus, approximately forty-diving area.

Dive Centers in Cyprus

Nautilus Diving School

Tel: 392 227 3160

North Cyprus British Scuba Centre

Tel: 0533 868 31 65

Scuba Diving Cyprus

Tel: 0533 865 23 17

Kingdom Dive Diving Services & Education

Tel: 0533 855 22 77

Amphora Scuba Diving Centre

Tel: 0542 851 49 24

Cyprus Underwater Explorers

Tel: 0533 842 50 26

Turtle Bay Dive Centre

Tel: 0533 849 62 66

Pier Dive Hub

Tel: 0542 8600119

North Cyprus Golf

Korinerium Golf & Country Club, Kyrenia city center, 12 km from Ercan Airport, 35 km to the board on an area of ​​20 000 square meters, the only golf course in Northern Cyprus sahasıdır.Eşsiz pine and olive trees, with views of the sea and the mountain golf course, which is installed in a total of 18 There are holes.

For those who want to play golf club which is also the possibility of accommodation in Cyprus, a unique DG and have sea views.

Tel: 0392 600 15 00

Turtles in North Cyprus


The oldest reptile species of sea turtles from land to sea. This charming creatures breeding period, from June to October season. North Cyprus beaches, turtles spawning in July and August have an important place among the regions chosen.

Only the females during breeding sea turtles stranded çıkmaktadır.Güneşin dark after sunset, and sometimes more than 100 cm of the adult female turtles shells kumsald a suitable place to spawn between 65 and 110 eggs, depending on ararlar.Türlerine a turtle bırakırlar.Her 10-15 days apart yumurtlar.Yumurtlama completed five or six times, the female turtles return to the sea to make döner.Tekrar yumurtlma come back two years later to the same beach.

Cyprus every year a lot of tourists come to watch the event in this charming nature.

Chelonia mydas and Caretta caretta species nesting regularly in the Mediterranean. conserved in these two turtle species, it is our shores hundreds of years in groups.

Sea turtles nesting in Cyprus:

Sea turtles in Cyprus, about 85-90 to the beach every year, making reproductive output is active. Especially in the northern coast of Cyprus is still untouched, urban spread is caused to come to the shores of sea turtles in the northern part of Cyprus intensity. Turizim the southern coast of Cyprus, the activities of construction and due to the small number of very busy beach suitable for sea turtles in the breed. All the beaches are not used to the reproduction of the same importance. Which is important for Cyprus beaches are here.

1 - Alagadi Coast:

2 - Esentepe d'Ivoire:

3 - Garden d'Ivoire:

4-Freshwater Beach

5-Ronnas Coast

6-Month. Philion d'Ivoire:

7 - Altinkum Coast

8-Dolphin Coast:

9-İkidere Coast

10-Beyza Coast

11 - Laden d'Ivoire:

12-Toxeutra Coast

13-Lara beach

14-Mediterranean Coast

15-Kormacit d'Ivoire:

If you want to observe the beautiful nature of this event, the nesting period of the end of June and beginning of July, the end of August and September, the head of the incubation period.

Which is one of the most popular sports in Cyprus, especially in the summer months a total of 17 flights to the north point of paragliding 6 on all flights due to climate, for those who love adrenaline filtration Kyrenia hills towards the sea can be more exciting for you to watch.

Tandem Paragliding in North Cyprus

Address: Kyrenia Yacht Harbor, No. 114 Kyrenia - North Cyprus
Information Phone: 0542859 43 43

Hiking in Cyprus (Trekking)

Appropriate times to see the beauties of Nature Walks in North Cyprus is a beautiful opportunity. About 40 hiking trail in northern Cyprus Karpaz Yeşilırmak up service within the framework of the project vermektedir.Natura 200, 6 580 km of conservation area, is located north of the island covering the walkways.

Mountaineering Sports Association

Tel: 0533 851 1800

North Cyprus Paintball

If you want to add fun to your holiday in Cyprus, and if you have come to your family or friends, paintball centers in North Cyprus are increasingly living in a day of fun bırakabilirsiniz.Kıbrısta a beautiful moment for yourself and others around you in this fun game you wish to play must be booked in advance.

Places to play paintball in Cyprus

Paint Zone (Nicosia)

Tel: 0542 889 27 41

Paint Ball Bar in Cyprus (Famagusta)

Tel: 0533865 61 91

The Sunset Club (Girne)

Tel: 0533 865 4959

PaintBall Cyprus (Nicosia)

Tel: 0533 844 46 44

Haskar Paintball (Morphou)

Tel: 0533 864 46 44

Go-Karting in North Cyprus

Due to the speed of karting enthusiasts all year round climate in Cyprus Cyprus holiday crowds have arrived in the yapılıyor.Kıbrısta mini cars racing by forming groups can make your vacation more fun.

Where you can Karting in Cyprus

SUMMARY Karting & Leisure

Tel: 533 866 61 73

ÇEMSAN Karting Club

Tel: 392 223 62 35

Max Mile Power

Tel: 392 364 88 89

Horse riding in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus, horse riding, horse clubs, many of which are active at the clubs, horse riding yürütülür.Kıbrısta side, jump to go on a tour, guided tour and picnic düzenlemektedir.Kıbrısta high hurdle to jump and lovers of equestrian sport horse-riding clubs, mountain, sea and ponds organizes various tours. Cyprus holiday, especially In the spring, however, that in Cyprus vacation unforgettable memories of visiting horses of various sweet smell of flowers will remain.

Riding Schools in Cyprus

Yusuf Efendi Farm (Balikesir)

Tel: 0533 864 04 81

Tunaç Equestrian Sports Club (Karaoglanoglu-Girne)

Tel: 392 822 23 93

Levent Riding Club (Haspolat)

Tel: 0533 877 58 88

Asian Akova Sports Club (Akova)

Tel: 0532 852 62 85

Carat Riding School (Nicosia)

Tel: 0533 833 01 44

Çatalköy Riding Club (Çatalköy)

Tel: 0533 845 47 42

Caving in North Cyprus

special interest tourism in Cyprus cave;

Hot Cave: Ağırdağ village in the north of the south slopes of the Kyrenia mountains

Pigeon Cave: Alevkayası

Fig Cave: Fig village

Gastro Cave: Kuruova and is located between the village of Kaleburnu.

Enforcement cave: is situated near the village of Kaleburnu.

Pillar Cave: Inonu Village

Bowling in North Cyprus

Cyprus, Famagusta, Kyrenia and Nicosia Rooms are available for those who love bowling.

Cyprus Bowling Halls

Ice Bowling (Famagusta)

Tel: 0392 366 53 95

King's Leisure Centre (Girne)

Tel: 0392 444 60 70

Astro Bowling Alleys (Nicosia)

Tel: 0392 223 23 88

Star Bowling (Girne)

Tel: 0392 815 95 78

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