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21. Karpaz Peninsula
(About Cyprus/Locations)
To the north east of North Cyprus lies the 'Panhandle', or Karpas Peninsula. Alternatively spelled Dipkarpaz in Turkish, the region stretches from near Famagusta to the northern part of Cyprus. The ...
22. Banking North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... of banking services are on offer in Northern Cyprus . A number of local, Turkish and international banks all provide banking facilities and services in the key towns of Lefkosa , Kyrenia and Famagusta ...
23. About Trip Car Hire - North Cyprus
(About Us/About Us)
... the city center of Kyrenia and has a branch Office in Famagusta to give the best service to our customers. Our aim is to keep our fleet young as possible and offer a best rent a car prices in Northern ...
24. Trip Rent A Car
(About Us/About Us)
... the city center of Kyrenia and has a branch Office in Famagusta to give the best service to our customers. Our aim is to keep our fleet young as possible and offer a best rent a car prices in Northern ...
... Cyprus you need a valid driving license and passport. As a local car rental company in North Cyprus, we have service to all hotels in Kyrenia and Famagusta with no extra delivery charge. We provide very ...
26. North Cyprus
(About Us/About Us)
... the countryside. Over 50,000 people live in Nicosia, almost 40,000 live in Famagusta, and 35,000 in the Kyrenia. North Cyprus beaches are cleaner and safer than most others in the Mediterranean region, ...
... border with a vehicle. Ledra Palace border crossing in the west of the Nicosia, where you can only cross on foot, Guzelyurt, you can cross the border with a vehicle, Akyar border in Famagusta that can ...
... will see a signposted to Lefkosa/Nicosia. Follow the way towards left to join another dual carriageway which goes to Nicosia. This is the main road which runs between Nicosia and Famagusta.   After ...
29. Larnaca Famagusta Transfers
(About Us/About Us)
... your hotel or local address. The driver will drive you to Famagusta to your accommodation place and your rental car will be there on agreed day and time. While crossing the check point, the driver will ...
30. Useful Information in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
...  Kyrenia hospital : 815 2266/815 2254 Lefkosa hospital : 228 5441 Famagusta hospital : 366 2876 Guzelyurt hospital : 714 2124 British High Commission : 288 ...
31. North Cyprus Accomodation
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... Northern Cyprus are in Kyrenia. You can find every kind of accommodation place in Kyrenia region. There are a few in Famagusta and Bogaz region.  ...
32. Northern Cyprus Cities
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
Famagusta Walled City, North Cyprus. Famagusta in Northern Cyprus is a fascinating medieval walled city with oodles of charm and there is are lots to explore. When you enter the city you can’t miss ...
33. Car Rental in Cyprus
(Sitemap/Sitemap )
North Cyprus car rental company, but also anywhere in North Cyprus represents. You Kyrenia, Famagusta, Larnaca or Ercan transfer of the vehicle at any place, and on departure you can leave one of the locations. ...
34. Historical Places
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... dedicated to seven Muslim martyrs. Gazimagusa(Famagusta): 1) The Ruins of Salamis: Only a few miles North of Gazimagusa, you can find the remnants of the ruins of the antique ...
35. Entertainment in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
...  Acapulco Beach - Kyrenia Alsancak Beach - Kyrenia Bediz Public Beach -Famagusta Deniz Kizi - Kyrenia Escape Beach Club - Kyrenia Glapsides Public Beach - Famagusta Golden Sands ...
36. Banks & Currency
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... Famagusta. Banking hours change between summer and winter however the large number of ATM machines available, ensure that cash withdrawal can be made 24hrs a day.   All types of ...
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