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trip-kibris-rent-acarIf you would like to rent a car in Famagusta, we as a North Cyprus car hire company has a brunch office in Famagusta. You can order your car to anywhere in Famagusta City or around Famagusta including Bogaz region. We have a rent a car service to all around Famagusta. Famagusta car hire with North Cyprus car hire website is easy, convenient and economical. We deliver the and collect rental cars free of charge with unlimited mileage at any time of the day.

Advantages of Hiring a Car in Famagusta

Car hire in Famagusta is a necessity, due to the lack of inter-town public transport within Famagusta, or the villages around the town. However there are a few private transport firms providing inter-city transport on Famagusta - Kyrenia and Famagusta - Nicosia routes. But there is no transport from the city to the historical places, superb fish restaurants of bogaz, famous ruins of Salamis and golden sandy beaches of Famagusta. Besides these, unspoilt beauty and Golden Beach of Karpaz Peninsula should not be missed. To enjoy all, it is advisable and highly recommended to car hire in Famagusta! WE OFFER FREE DELIVERY OF FAMAGUSTA CAR HIRE.

If you are landing to Larnaca Airport and planning your holiday in North Cyprus Famagusta do not worry ! Trip Rent A Car has transfers from Larnaca Airport to Famagusta or any accommodation place around Famagusta. After the transfer you can have your hire car any time to any location.

Information about Famagusta City

Famagusta in Northern Cyprus is a fascinating medieval walled city with oodles of charm and there is are lots to explore. When you enter the city you can't miss the historic walled city of Famagusta with its mposing towers that encircle the old city and protect the harbour.

The Lusignan kings of Cyprus first built walls around Famagusta, then the Venetians improved them, possibly with the help of Leonardo da Vinci! These massive walls are eight metres thick and fifteen metres wide, with bastions and towers guarding very corner. The Turkish invaders who came in 1571 besieged the city and pounded it with cannon balls; you can still see these missiles littered around the old city amongst the ruins of churches damaged in the siege. The Turks found it tricky to breach the walls, defended by a large wide moat that you can actually drive along today.

The hungry and disease-ridden Venetians eventually surrendered, by waving a flag from the Ravelin, or White Tower, one of two entrances to Famagusta. The Ravelin houses the Akkule ören Yeri attraction, and kids will love the maze of corridors and guard rooms that twist and turn throughout the building. Look up, and you can see the smoke holes, where the bitter smoke from the mighty cannons escaped.

The best way to explore the walled city of Famagusta is on foot. As you wander amongst the narrow streets of the old city, every turn reveals a magnificent building or ruined church that bears the scars of that historic siege. It's also a great way to shop where the locals do, or that unusual gift or holiday souvenir. Suddenly you emerge into the sunlight of the main square, so stop and have a real Turkish coffee at a café and admire the impressive former St Nicholas Cathedral, now a mosque. Walk towards the sea, and you can climb Othello's Tower, and view the sea from the top of Famagusta's walls.

Places to visit in Famagusta

• Arsenal (Martinengo Bastion)

• Canbulat Tomb & Museum

• Cellarga Mass - Graves

• Enkomi (Alasia)

• Famagusta City Walls

• Greek St. George Church

• Kertikli Bath

• Land Gate (Ravelin)

• Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque

• Latin St. George Church

• Namik Kemal Dungeon

• Nestorian Church

• Nikokreon Monument

• Nitovikla Castle

• Othello Castle

• Panaya Kanakaria Church

• Royal Tombs

• Salamis

• Sea Gate

• Sinan Pasa Mosque (St. Peter & St. Paul Church)

• St. Barnabas Monastery

• St. Barnabas Icon & Archaelogy Museum

• St. Francis Church

• Twin Churches (Templar & Hospitaller Churces)

• Venetian Palace

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